From Thursday to Saturday each THS student undergoes training in a Placement Church. For that task, the THS Academy cooperates with dynamic churches in the area. In these churches, the senior pastor or co-pastor has committed to personally train THS students, using the “3×3 Program” that we have designed for this purpose. This ensures intensive support for each student. The “3×3 Program” contains 3 sections, each with 3 disciplines. This training program is unique and has proven effective for optimal training for pastoral leaders. There is no better way to get intense training for pastoral ministry!

The program is designed to help you learn and gain credits during your apprenticeship within a local church. THS Academy requires a full 3 year period of working in a local church. The student can choose his or her desired church, we require cooperation with the leadership to ensure the quality of apprenticeship. Credit hours can be split between churches so long as a minimum of 1 year is spent at each church.

Character, Skills and Multiplication


The 3×3 program provides rigorous practical training during the entire three THS training years. The THS student receives an apprenticeship certificate at the end of each trimester. Based on his/her grades, the student measures their progress in the individual disciplines – always with coaching support of a lead pastor. Each year, the intensity and demand in the individual disciplines increases. What’s significant is that the pastor or co-pastor of the placement church trains the THS student. Here is the principle of discipleship: observing, participating, working with feedback, working independently.

Character, Skills and Multiplication

The Apprenticeship Tree

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The Root: Character

We believe that love for God and for people is the foundation of pastoral ministry. From her comes the peace that is characteristic of Christians. Those who lack this precondition are unsuitable for pastoral ministry.

I am happy

My love attracts people

I love God

The Trunk: Skills

We believe that certain skills must be acquired for pastoral ministry. Those who do not learn in the course of their formation to overcome obstacles, to deal with crises and to pursue their goal constantly will not be able to provide a useful service. In particular, the ability to preach must be promoted, from which active faith grows.

I preach with authority

I easily overcome crises and conflicts

I am constantly focused on my goal

The Crown: Multiplication

We believe that the scattering of faith is the goal of pastoral ministry. The one who strengthens people in their faith and wins new people for faith fulfills the essential mission of Jesus Christ. 

I build up other leaders

My staff and volunteers are leading people to Jesus

I am leading people to Jesus

From Thursday through Saturday


Practical training in your placement church

From Thursday through Saturday, you will receive practical training in your placement church. The THS Academy cooperates with dynamic churches in the region. Either you choose your own home church and request the opportunity to be trained there, or we will help you contact area churches who know us already. In these churches, the senior pastor or co-pastor has committed to personally train a THS student-apprentice, using our “3×3 program” that we designed for this purpose.

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