Go therefore and make disciples of all nations …

Matthew 28:19

What is the problem?
36% of pastoral leaders feel prepared for ministry after leaving bible school*
87% of pastoral leaders feel prepared for ministry when leaving THS

* on average according to a recent survey in the US and Germany with 1000+ Pastors. This includes the US with 53% of pastors reporting that the seminary did not prepare them for the ministry and a staggering number of 75% of European pastoral leaders feeling unprepared for their task by their bible school. See www.pastoralcare.inc and Dr. Hartmut Knorr for more details and feel free to contact us for more information.

Thursday, June 11th, 6PM PST
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How can we solve it?
Future pastoral leaders often do not learn how to solve conflicts and overcome crises with ease. They do not learn how to actually gather a group and lead people to spiritual maturity. It is not that they are unable, they just have not received the necessary training. By the time they understand this challenge, pastors often become frustrated and discouraged and then abandon the ministry. As a result, 7 out of 10 pastors leave their profession within ten years.  To address this central issue of pastor retention, THS has developed a dual system, where experienced pastors in combination with outstanding teachers share the spiritual formation of our students. They use innovative learning systems like the THS App to enhance the learning experience.
However, we need your help.
Costs for traditional bible schools range often between $40-60,000. The average student in THS only pays currently $14,940 for his or her Bachelor’s degree. However, even at this reduced cost, most leaders in the developing countries are still unable to afford this training. These individuals often live on $300-1,000 a month or less. We are seeking your financial support to train these aspiring Christian leaders to become pastors in their home countries.
Help us bridge the difference.
To fund the cost of education of every non-american student, THS must raise an average of $375 in monthly donations or a total of $13,500 for a 3 year Bachelor’s degree. All donations to THS will assist us in educating future Christian leaders.
Donate today to equip pastoral leaders worldwide.