Your suitability analysis

Great! You're suited

You have a pretty strong faith and relationship with Jesus! Now it counts to remember: Hang in there and keep ``stepping out of the boat``. Watch out that you don't do to many things and get tangled up. That will rob your passion in the long run. Concentrate on the target and job that Jesus has shown you and do everything to bring as much ``fruit`` as you can. Satan will need a lot of cunning to stop you - don't let that happen. He will try to take away your joy and love for people and Jesus. Never let him win. Don't be afraid of conflicts - always confront them and try to solve them. Don't try to please people it will make you tired. Try to solely please God! It will make you grow in love. And one more thing: Apply to THS - we want to help you become a pastoral leader who will renew his country.