Online Campus open to students all over the world. 

As THS, we believe there is so much potential in Kenya, and we have a big heart for it. Africa will soon be by far the largest Christian continent with 86% Christians. Now many people worship God, yet not many know how to dig deep into God‘s word. We are so excited to officially launch our first African campus in Kenya! Our vision and goal is to see all Kenyan pastors and ministers receive a solid biblical foundation and became role models for their community. This would shape, influence, and grow Kenya in mighty spiritual and societal ways. 

BEGINS: September 8th, 2021

COST: Starting at $1,000 Ksh 


We want to train leaders with a strong faith in local churches and Christian organizations. Do you have a talented young leader in your church or are you looking for passionate young leaders for your community? We want to help you invest your time in the healthy development of new leaders as effectively as possible.