Name: Kathrin Gillich

Age: 24

marital status: single

education: FOS, state- approved educator


  1. What are your strengths and talents?

My strength is definitely my positivity and humor. It helps me not to take things too seriously and to rely on God. But there are many more strengths and gifts.

  1. What did you want to do before you came to Jesus? What was your passion?

I always wanted to work with children. That was always clear to me. I had two visions: either sports and math teacher or youth-pastor at a church. However, it also intrigued me to go into fulltime service. For example, going to Afrika for some time and working for a achurch that works with teenagers.

  1. How were you influenced by your home and your parents?

I grew up in a christian family. My parents work at our church and at the CVJM themselves, so it’s basically home to me. But my parents gave me all the freedom I wanted and so I also tried a lot of differents sports .

  1. When and how did you come to Christ? When did you decide that you wanted to become a Pastor? Was there a certain turn-over experience?

Since, especially my mom, has always confronted me with her faith I grew up believing in God. When I was 14 I had my confirmation and decided for myself that I wanted to follow Jesus. As a Teen I wasn’t always sure about my beliefs. Does God really exist or is the christian faith just a nice psychology?

I held on to God and therefore got to know him better and better and learned to love him.

I never wanted to become a Pastor. Although when I was 15 I could already imagine doing youth work at our church and planning youth trips. I wanted God to call me to do this. I wanted an obvious calling experience. I never had one though. I always thought about it at the end of a an “education-phase”. At the end of my apprenticeship, to become an educator for children, a friend asked me whether maybe that was my calling. I suddenly read more and more stories about people being called to do something by God and I went with it. Now I’m here, at THS.

  1. Aren’t you afraid to live a boring and exhausting life as a pastor? Renunciation, high moral standards, annoying people or maybe even unemployment?

Exhausting: Yes. Boring: No. I work with people, that’s always difficult but never boring.

Moral standards, annoying people, not enough jobs and low payment: I would have had all of that as an educator aswell. Those things have never been an issue to me.

I’ve always wanted to have an impact on people, especially children.

  1. Can’t you just help build Gods kingdom as a politician or an entrepreneur?

No, I can’t! I would be a bad entrepreneur and an even worse politician!

  1. At THS you get an insight into the real life of a pastor – what does that look like? What do you like especially about it and what do you dislike? 

A pastors everyday life is very varied. You certainly have to be able to organise and manage things well. I especially like the fact that the things I used to do in my free time are now my job. Which also means that I can’t rest on the fact that I’m doing voluntary work anymore but I see the high expectations now, that I also have for myself.

  1. What is absolutely necessary to learn for an ongoing pastor?

So much! Talking, listening, organising, leadership, pastoral care, loving….

But the most important thing and absolute precondition is that you live your life with God and that you have a relationship with him and always carry him in your heart.

  1. Many Pastors dreamed of a big revelation and the growth of churches and were disappointed. Some stop their service. What do you think is the cause?

You can only be disappointed if you have false expectations of something. Therefore we should be thankful if we are disappoited because that means that we see the truth now. Unfortunately the truth can be painful, hard and not as pretty as our expectations. When you’re disappointed your whole world can collapse. That takes time to heal!

  1. Why did you decide to study at THS instead of studying at a theological college? 

I visited THS for one day. Afterwards I new 3 things:

  1. If I go to THS I will get to know God all over again. Everything that I read in the Bible but that I have never experienced, I will experience there. My faith will be expanded!
  2. If I go to THS God will, metaphorically speaking, take me apart and puzzle me back together. According to the principal: “The old is gone, the new is here!”
  3. If I go to a theological college, it has to be THS.

I knew that I would do some kind of theological apprenticeship. So it was obvious to me that it’s going to be at THS. All I had to do was say yes.

  1. What have you learned most so far ? Where did you change due to the program?

My relationship to God has changed the most. It has gotten much more intense. Which, of course, changes your view on life and even your personality.

I definitely learned most about myself but also about how others perceive me and how I can accompany others in their faith.

  1. If you imagine a typical week in your life in 10 years – you can be creative – what would it look like?

I would be leading a church with my husband and we would support and lead people in their faith and their lives. That means a lot of stress because we have different appointements every day and we are everyones contact person. But we also get to be Gods light in this world. Yes, my week in 10 years will be stressful but I will love it because it means that I’m alive and that God is using me. I always want to be open and ready for that.





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