Your suitability analysis

With a little bit of practice, you can do it

You're already quite stable in your faith and are taking over responsibility. You feel the desire to know Jesus more and you should fuel this desire. Search the company of people that live with Jesus radically and are a role model to you. Ask them if you can help them and learn from them. Don't let yourself be distracted by Satan - he will try with all his power. He will either do it through a love relationship or things like money and fear of the world. We advise you to look for a challenging job in your church and to commit to it. Best look for something with a lot of responsability that is going to show you your personal limits. Another possibility is to start your own evangelical group - then you would surpass yourself within a short time. And remember: problems are chances in work wear. Don't give up! And one more thing: Contact us! We like to help you out.