At THS, our goal is to provide the most affordable and accessible education possible, without sacrificing academic excellence. Through virtual learning, we’re able to significantly reduce the cost of tuition for students by cutting out the administrative expenses of maintaining a physical campus. Our two-pronged model ensures that students not only have “head knowledge,” but through their three-year apprenticeship program, are fully prepared for the realities of ministry life ahead.

Even with these efforts, the majority of our international students are on scholarship and can only afford to pay a small portion of their tuition, based on the standard of living in their country.

In this, sponsors can make a life-changing impact on the trajectory of the Gospel around the world, equipping local leaders with the training they are eagerly seeking.


You’ll receive regular updates from your student on how they are growing and applying the knowledge they’ve received in the classroom to their personal lives and ministry.

Your student already understands the needs and specific approach their community requires, thereby removing the need for cultural training. By sponsoring a student, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you are investing into a pastoral leader who is committed to his or her local community. 

"I am deeply committed to spreading the word of God through preaching, teaching, and nurturing believers. My vision is to reach the unreached, equip church leaders, and plant churches, but I need your support to make it happen. By sponsoring my education in pastoral leadership, you'll empower me to realize this vision, care for the needy, and advance the kingdom of God."

Jenny, Kenya, 50

"driven by an unyielding passion to serve God and witness souls transformed by His grace. As a dedicated pastor at Nairobi Chapel Kiserian, I aspire to become a more effective leader through THS Academy, focusing on leadership and preaching. With your support through a scholarship, I can balance my responsibilities as a father and continue planting churches and training leaders, impacting communities for Christ's kingdom."

Rodgers, Kenya, 42

"I am a devoted husband and father of four, committed to serving God wholeheartedly. Since my conversion in 1996, I've been passionately serving in ministry, currently at Diguna Mission. My goal in applying for THS Academy is to deepen my understanding of the Word and fulfill the Great Commission more effectively, particularly focusing on reading, interpreting, and applying Scripture. I desire to grow as a servant leader, and be equipped to impact lives for Christ's kingdom, drawing from my rich spiritual journey and dedication to serving the Lord faithfully."

Paul A, Kenya, 51

"My goals in joining THS are to gain skills and knowledge in interpretation of the Word of God for my personal life, for preaching, and for leadership. I would like to learn the most about interpreting Scripture and preaching, because I am a preacher and I preach in a place and time when there are many false teachers. This program is a big blessing to me and those I lead, and I commit to use the skill in empowering myself and others to the glory of God.”

Maurice, Kenya, 45

“I'm a person who has a desire to learn, grow and gain more knowledge, and be able to teach and preach sound teachings. One of my strengths is that I'm a person who focuses on issues that I need to pursue. What I want to learn about the most is the Word of God in its content and context and Psychology.”

Paul M, Kenya, 46

“I have been involved in sharing Christ in evangelism by sharing Christ and the power of the Holy Ghost and leaving the results to God. I am doing ministry work with my husband with whom I’m pastoring a young church. Currently I am in charge of praise and worship and the women and children’s ministry. I thank God for his grace and mercy and wish to perfect my pastoral ministry, hence the desire to learn more, so as to be more effective in doing ministry for the glory of God.”

Hellen, Kenya, 62

Sponsor based on what you’re able to give.

See our application below for more details.

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