Name: Tabitha Buchwitz

Age: 24

Education: Secondary school certificate, Professional in eduction


   1. What are your gifts and strengths?


My gifts are in the area of music, particularly in singing and writing my own songs. I enjoy singing and worshipping with my family. I am amenable and like speaking in public.

One of my greatest passions is to mentor and counsel people so they come closer to their calling in life.


   2. What were your goals before you became a Christian? What was your passion?


I wanted to be an actress; however, I used to be very self-conscious so decided against it. I realised I wanted to work with people, and since I have a particular love for younger people, I  started my training as a child care worker.


   3. How were you influenced and shaped by your parents growing up?


I grew up in a very protected family environment. My parents founded a parish and are still overseeing it. It was important to them to teach my about God and his fatherly love. I love my parents and I am very grateful for what they provided for their children. They are indeed role models.


   4. When did you give your life to follow Jesus? How did you decide you want to be a pastor? Was there a specific situation that changed things for you?


While I grew in a Christian home, I decided to live my life away from God when I was a teenager. My self-consciousness grew stronger and stronger and I was constantly seeking  approval from other people instead of God.

At age 17 I wanted to start my training as a child care worker and handed in my application. At the same time, to please my parents, I attended an event introducing a new Bible School During the presentation, the speaker stopped and said: “I believe that in this very moment there is someone in this room who knows that this school is the right thing for them.”

I felt addressed, but tried to resist this feeling.

Still, I couldn’t shake off this feeling and I made a pact with God: If my application for child care training is rejected, I will attend this school. And thus it happened!

At first, I felt strange attending a Bible School while not having a real relationship with God. For several months, I remained my old self, attending parties rather than school. However, after a few months I encountered God in a way I had never experienced him before, and from that moment on I decided to dedicated my life to Jesus 100%. Ever since, I have never looked back in regret.

After Bible School, I spent one year in England at a college focussing on character building and leadership.

It was during this time that I learned to love God, myself and the church.



   5. Are you not worried to live a boring and tiring life as a pastor? Self-denial, high moral expectations, dealing with annoying people or even the danger of losing your job? 

Since I experienced much of a pastor’s everyday life through my parents, I can say: It’s everything but boring! Of course, it can be troublesome, but it also provides joy beyond compare: to lead people into a relationship with God, to be present at their inner healing, to see them becoming the person God wants them to be, to see the kingdom spread…


   6. Can’t you build the kingdom of God as effectively as a businessman or Politician

Amen to that! We need good people in every area. I am convinced we need more people in business and politics who have a real relationship with God and bring Christian values into the world.

Live the life that you feel called for! Whether it’s in business, in politics or as a pastor – as long as you follow God’s plan.


   7. During your time at the THS- School of pastoral Leadership you are getting a real insight in the daily life of a pastor. How does it look like? What do you like and what do you dislike?

I love the insight into everyday church life. You can learn so much from people who have been in this position for years: how to deal with challenges, how to manage your time, how to treat people with love etc. You are confronted with both the pleasant and the less pleasant parts.


   8. What does someone who wants to become a pastor have to learn at all cost?

Wow… that is not easy so summarise. I think one very important insight is: I cannot change people! Only God can do that! I am a role model for other but not responsible for their lives.

I can do my best, but in the end it is in God’s hand.

Once you realise this, a lot of pressure is gone.


   9. The dream of most pastors is church growth and to see breakthrough. Many have been disappointed, and some have even left the ministry. Why do you think that is?

It is difficult to judge here. There are probably several reasons for this. I think the important thing is not to look at numbers, but to do what God has instructed us to do. We need to ask God “What is the next step” instead of attempting to do something we are not able to do. We have to do our best, but at the same time we need to be aware that God is building his church.

We need to be grateful for what God gave us instead of comparing us to others.

So many people have served God without being noticed. But their faith and prayer build the foundation more generations to come. What an honour – I love such people and want to learn from their faith.


   10. Why did you decide to study at THS- School of Pastoral Leadership and not at another school?

The important thing to me was the focus on practical theology, as I am a very practical person. There are many other excellent schools, but I felt that God wanted me at THS in Nuremberg. This is where I feel His blessing.


   11. What has been most significant in your learning process so far? Where has your life changed through the church placement?

Well, I haven’t been with THS very long, but I have already learned a lot about time management, I am getting more secure about preaching and I have come to understand the importance of the church. I am looking forward to the coming years and to what I may still learn 🙂


  12. How would a typical week look like in ten years’ time? You can think outside the box, don’t feel limited. How does the week look like? 

I will serve the kingdom of God in my local parish and support other parishes. Probably, I will have a family and together with my husband I will follow God’s will for our life. But hey, I am ready to be surprised 🙂

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