Name: Farmer, Benjamin

Age: 21 years

Relationship Status: single

Education: General Technical College



   1. What are your talents and strengths?


I love accepting people the way they are. To draw out people, to help them develop their strengths, and just to accompany them on their path, whether or not they are Christians.



   2. What career did you want to pursue before you became a believer? What were your passions?


I wanted to work in real estate. That is why I started a commercial education. I am still fascinated by real estate; however, I want to invest my time in the Kingdom of God and people.



   3. In what ways were you shaped by your parents and your home environment? 


I love my parents. As a child I was already shaped by a deep belief in God. I was always accepted and loved just as I am; I want to pass on this privilege of growing up so loved to my children one day.



   4. When and how did you become a believer? How did your change of heart to become a pastor come about? Was there a specific situation that acted as a catalyst?


My moment of becoming a believer was relatively unspectacular. I knew from the time I was young that I had a loving Father in Heaven. Of course, I sometimes had doubts. At one of the many camps I went to as a child, I gave my life to Jesus.


   5. Aren’t you worried that a pastor’s life can be boring and stressful? Sacrifices, high moral requirements, continual interactions with annoying people or even unemployment?


Boring NO. Challenging YES. I think the difference lies the perspective with which one sees the pastor. Your authenticity makes the difference.

Pastoral work is after all not about oneself. The calling to be a pastor is the most exclusive job in the world.


 6. Couldn’t you build the Kingdom of Heaven just as effectively as an entrepreneur or politician?


If you want to build the Kingdom of Heaven, you don’t need to become a pastor. As an entrepreneur or politician you influence a different group of people, which can also serve the Kingdom of Heaven.



   7. Through THS-Academy you receive realistic insights into the everyday life of a pastor – what does it look like? What do you especially like about this,  and what don’t you like?


As a pastor you probably never have a normal everyday life. Your tasks are simply too diverse. In addition, you can’t forget the component of people, which is the component that often changes the direction of an actually very well-structured day. What I especially love, however, is being allowed to work with these people, who sometimes completely rearrange my plans.



   8. What must a developing pastor absolutely learn?


Structure and time-management – both are still areas of learning for me.



   9. Many pastors dream of great breakthroughs and church growth and are ultimately disappointed. Some leave. Why do you think this is?


This question is probably too complex to fully capture it. It is related to experience, capabilities and choices that were made. What is the basis for the choice and the motive? Was Jesus at the center? As a pastor, do I need to make a big breakthrough, receive recognition, and just become the most amazing preacher? Simply, is it about God or about me?

God loves it when his bride, the church, is healthy. Health grows from deep in the roots.

Our desire to build our church should therefore also come from depth. In order to achieve this, we need trust in God and the love of a deeply rooted relationship with God.



   10. Why did you decide to undertake your studies through THS-Academy, rather than through another theological college?


The option to study together with my church was the decisive element. From the beginning I had the feeling that I would be able to grow most with my church through THS.



   11. So far, what have you learned most? How have you changed through this program?


My fellow students regularly really expand my horizons. Different opinions about different approaches to finding a solution regularly bring me joy and challenge me.



   12. When you imagine a typical week in 10 years – you can dream big – what does it look like?


For me there is not one typical week. Proclaiming the Word of God and the development of my fellow men is what matters to me.

I dream of responsible people, strong leaders, simply of women and men who make a difference in society.

In this I also want to be active outside of the church in society, and help shape society with God’s help. Of course I can only do this together with my wonderful family. 1. God  2.Family  3. Church.





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