Name: Lisa Stowasser

Age: 21

maritual status: single

education: graduation after 10th grade plus almost finished training to become a healthcare professional


   1.What are your talents and strengths?


I think my greatest talent is creativity and one of my strengths is that I always move forward very determined.


   2. Which vocation where you pursuing before you became a christian? What was your passion?


I’ve always been a Christian. And deep down I’ve actually always wanted to have a job working for Jesus. But for a long time I was very distracted by the voices around me that told me that a woman shouldn’t work in a church or become a pastor. Until God told me the opposite.


   3. How were you affected by your home and your parents?


I had an unbelievably nice childhood in the Ällgau. I thank God that I grew up so protected and well cared for.


   4. When and how did you become a Christian? How did you decide to become a pastor? Did a certain situation change your mind?


I was in Munich to finish my therapist training when suddenly so much happened: for one my parents separated and then I became so sick that I had to stop my apprenticeship and move back home. For one year the doctors were clueless until CFS was diagnosed. Incurable. Incapability to work for the rest of my life.

I didn’t believe it right from the start because I knew that God needed me healthy for his plans.

During this long period of sickness I spent a lot of time with him and we had intense conversations and so I finally implemented what I had wanted for such a long time. From the day that I signed my contract with THS I was completely healthy. Until this day. Since then so much has happened. I have experienced so much change and have overcome myself.


   5. Aren’t you afraid that you’ll lead a boring and exhausting life as a pastor? Sacrifices, high moral standards, annoying people all the time or even unemployment?


Oh my word! Boring? I don’t know any job that’s more exciting or fulfilling! Exhausting yes, definitely! But I’m not really afraid or worried about that. I like challenges and feel like I’m not working properly if it isn’t hard.

Fear of being unemployed? No! When you work fulltime for Jesus you’re never unemployed. God can use me everywhere. Moreover I believe that when I give him my time he will give me what I need.

God is the best employer I can imagine.


   6. Can’t the the kingdom of God be built just as effectively by a politician or an entrepreneur?


Of course! It’s just more difficult. Often you’re not really allowed to talk about Jesus openly and say that we need him as our savior. My respect to the ones who do.


   7. At the THS academy you’re getting an insight into the real day of a pastor – what does that look like? What do you like especially and what do you dislike?


I love the THS – academy! Even though I experienced many challenges right from the beginning. But that’s just prepairing me for later. I can be part of the development of a new church and I learn so much! If I had to stop school now in order to work fulltime, it wouldn’t be a problem as I have been prepared so well!

I especially like the video work that I became part of. But also the practical work, of which I take in every minute, is great! What I don’t like are the financial problems and that many of us have to work in another job to earn money. That’s very exhausting, but at the same time it’s just reality. I have never watched my money so closely and never have I ever been in debt before. But that aswell is the perfect preparation for somebody who wants to lead a church – becaus it’s the daily life.


   8. What is important to learn for a prospective pastor?


Depending only on God. Humbleness. Passion.


   9. Many pastors dreamed of the big breakthrough and church growth and were dissappointed. Some even copped out. Why is that in your opinion?


I think it’s due to the basics: Persistence, sufficient expertise, experience. I think building a church or starting a company can be compared. Similar things need to be done and you have to go through the same problems. Maybe young pastors tend to underestimate that and think that if God is with them everything is going to work out. But that’s not how it works. God is there but you still have to go through problems and failure like everyone else. Kepp moving and growing. That’s the solution I think.


   10. Why did you choose the THS-academy for your education instead of one of the others theological colleges?


Because of the practical aspect and the strong concept.


   11. What have you learned the most so far? Where have you changed due to your training?


Oh my! That’s hard to say in a few sentences. By now, I would really almost recommend this apprenticeship to every Christian. Because we’re not only trained in pastoral things but above all as a human – and those are life lessons!


   12. When you imagine a typical week in 10 years – you can dream big – what would it look like?


I would probably live in the states with my husband and my kids and support him with his work with criminals. Apart from that I would probably work with women that come out of prostitution, rape etc. . maybe my video channel will also still exist…we’ll see.



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