Name: Sandy Beckert

Age: 24 years

Relationship Status: Single

Education: Highschool with a major subject in medicine



   1. What are your gifts and strengths?


My gifts are in the area of creativity like leading Worship, Songwriting etc. One of my greatest strengths is to mentor and counsel people so they develop as a person and come closer to their calling in life.


   2. What were your goals before you became a Christian? What was your passion?



I’ve always wanted to help people. Since the eigth grade, I wanted to go to medical school, which later changed to Psychiatry. At first, my passion was just helping people, but today my passion is deeper and more grounded. I do not just want to help people, but I want to introduce the one who can restore and rebuild their lives. I want to introduce them to the one who brings out their full personality, talents and calling.


   3. How were you influenced and shaped by your parents growing up?

I grew up in a non-christian home with a alot of difficulties. Through these difficult times, I became the person that I am today and God worked out everything for good.


   4. When did you give your life to follow Jesus? How did you decide you want to be a pastor? Was there a specific situation that changed things for you?



I gave my life to God at a tent mission youth week on July 27, 2009. In this time, I was at the lowest point in my life and God saved my life on this day. He gave me the choice to follow him that day. It could have been the last time I would have had this opportunity, because I had tried to end my life a few times before that.

After Highschool was done, there was this looming question of what to do and at first I wanted to study Psychology. My plan, however, was to first of all devot one year to God and do something for him before I study. I had two options, THS and a different school, which had a focus on Worship. After a long time of asking God what I should do, I registered at THS for one year.

God pressed on my heart just before the start of the studies that I should do the whole program.

I registered for the whole program and trusted God to provide financially, as well. Additionally, I received several prophecies, which confirmed that I should study theology. I also received a calling from God where I received a picture. I saw a map of a city, which was grey and white at first, and then I saw a building, which was spreading fire, and the fire spread through the streets and city.The fire was a picture of the love of God and the burning passion of people who are sharing the love of God in the city. This is my vision, that I have for  the church I will be planting or working at..


   5. Are you not worried to live a boring and tiring life as a pastor? Self-denial, high moral expectations, dealing with annoying people or even the danger of losing your job? 

No, I’m not worried about this at all. I know what I’m getting myself into and I know that it isn’t going to be easy. At the same time, I know that there is nothing more important and fullfilling for me than to enable as many people as possible to have a relationship with God. I want to help people find their calling and help set them free for bigger things. I want to set people free to be themselves and to know their value. I want to serve them in love and tell them their value and the authority they have in God.


   6. Can’t you build the kingdom of God as effectively as a businessman or Politician compared to a Pastor?

Of course you can. God is calling people into different areas. I hope that many different people will feel called into many different areas because the kingdom of God is not just happening in churches, but in every sphere of life like in Politics, economy etc.

As christians, we are called to be a light in the WHOLE WORLD.

For myself, I’m just focusing on where God has put me and God has given me a gift in pastoral ministry. I want to encourage everyone to seek God’s will for their life and to do what God puts on their heart.


   7. During your time at the THS- School of pastoral Leadership you are getting a real insight in the daily life of a pastor. How does it look like? What do you like and what do you dislike?

Through the apprenticeship portion of the program, I’m getting a lot of experience in the daily life of a pastor. Something essential is to always focus on God and to wholly trust him. It is also important to be teachable and flexible. Time and self-mangement are very important too. I love to watch God change people and how he restores the ruins in people’s lives. Furthermore, it’s also fun to build the church with God creatively. At the beginning of my studies, it was hard for me to be spontaenous and flexible, but it doesn’t bother me much anymore.


   8. What does someone who wants to become a pastor have to learn at all cost?

-A future pastor has to be and stay teachable. You should also learn not to take yourself too seriously. It’s also important to open up, to be corrected, open for new views, and to test views of faith. (Why do I belive this and where does it come from?). A pastor needs to continously be open for God to form their character.

A healthy character is the most important aspect, next to a strong faith and passion for the kingdom of God.



   9. The dream of most pastors is church growth and to see breakthrough. Many have been disappointed, and some have even left the ministry. Why do you think that is?


On the one hand, the reason might be wrong expectations concerning church growth. On the other hand, there is the danger to quit as a pastor because of the desire to make everyone happy.


   10. Why did you decide to study at THS- School of Pastoral Leadership and not at another school?

My decision was based on the two-fold system at THS.

I want to put into practice what I’m learning in theory.

God also confirmed through different ways that he wants me here at THS.


   11. What has been most significant in your learning process so far? Where has your life changed through the church placement?

I have learned things in many different areas of my life, my character was shaped like never before in my life. Next, I learned that you have never learned enough and that you need to continue to be a learner at all times. You also shouldn’t take yourself too seriously. In relation to the position of a pastor, I’m always encouraged to stay teachable and flexible. My character changed tremendously and in many areas I became whole and at the same time I’m now more equipped for ministry.


   12. How would a typical week look like in ten years’ time? You can think outside the box, don’t feel limited. How does the week look like? 

– I think that in 10 years time, I will have planted a church and that I will have pursued the will of God for my life. Maybe I will have a family of my own by then. Let’s see what happens, only God knows.



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