Name: Tabea Bueldt

Age: 29

family status: single

education: Master of Arts


   1. What are your talents and strengths?

One of my strengths is definitely creativity. I would describe myself as open and communicative. Aswell as somebody who is humorous, loving and helpful. I think, if I had deeper knowledge, I could imagine going into pastoral care.


2. Which vocation where you pursuing before you became a christian? What was your passion?

I wanted to become an evangelist since I was a kid.


   3. How were you affected by your home and your parents?

I was brought up as a Christian and especially with a mentality of cheerfulness. It somehow always was our family-motto that everything was always for good.


   4. When and how did you become a Christian? How did you decide to become a pastor? Did a certain situation change your mind?

I became a christian when I was three years old and have always wanted to go into fulltime service. But only two years ago did I decide to become a pastor. My sister was the one who, after having seen me at a conference, told me that she can imagine me as a pastor.

I thought about it but set it aside for a while until God called me to THS.


   5. Aren’t you afraid that you’ll lead a boring and exhausting life as a pastor? Sacrifices, high moral standards, annoying people all the time or even unemployment?

I’m generally the kind of person that isn’t too fond of strictly organized daily routines. That applies to all areas of my life. I am much more passionate when I have the feeling that an adventure is calling. But at some point day-to-day life follows certain routines and that’s probably good for the job of a pastor. But I also think that a life with Jesus – regardless of what you do- is never boring. Instead he spices up your life and offers you to grow with him.


   6. Can’t the the kingdom of God be built just as effectively by a politician or an entrepreneur?

Yes, of course!


   7. At the THS academy you’re getting an insight into the real day of a pastor – what does that look like? What do you like especially and what do you dislike?

What I especially like about the life of a pastor is that you have the privilege to accompany people, speak into their lives and to watch how God changes them.


   8. What is important to learn for a prospective pastor?

He has to develop a deep faith in God, know his voice and above all he has to learn that the power and energy for the service – and of course all of his life – come from God.


   9. Many pastors dreamed of the big breakthrough and church growth and were dissappointed. Some even copped out. Why is that in your opinion?

A generalized answer seems inadequate to me; every pastor is different and so are therefor the reasons.


   10. Why did you choose the THS-academy for your education instead of one of the others theological colleges?

In this case the answer is very easy: God wanted me to be at THS and nowhere else.

After I finished my Masters Thesis I was unsure what to do. I always had the fulltime service on my heart and then everything went very fast. I coincidentally found THS on the internet, contacted Inga and ,head – over heels, landed in Bingen the next week.


   11. What have you learned the most so far? Where have you changed due to your training?

Above all, I noticed that my character has changed and that I got to know myself better. For example, I’ve always had a problem because I had too high expectations, they controled my life and set me under pressure.

The increasing knowledge about myself and about how God sees me are, step for step, leading me into a new freedom.

And there are more examples like that how I have changed throughout the training.


   12. When you imagine a typical week in 10 years – you can dream big – what would it look like?

My typical week in 10 years will hopefully contain the following elements:

– preaching

– telling people about Jesus and leading them to Jesus

– seeing how people are set free and healthy

– enough time for family



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